Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010


this morning the weather here in swiss is terrible it rains and so I am on my laptop! I am again on a "photogooglesearchtour" and found two wonderful photos of my favorite singer ROISIN MURPHY! all who know me know everything I love about roisin! the photos are of late 2009 while she was pregnant with clodagh, her first daughter. I think she look`s wonderful on these photos and because of the big size I post them here!


p.s.: I hope the weather get`s better soon so I can go out in the sun..

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

BOOK for sleepless nights...

here is a wonderful book i just bought a month ago. it`s for my sleepless nights and it`s about my favorite film "breakfast at tiffany`s"!

i have to go for dinner now



the DRESS in full, it`s just so lovely...



that`s my first post! i always want to make a blog, so now i start and will see how it works! the blog of a lovely girl 10.17 gives me the idea to make a real good blog. she always has got wonderful posts, photos and music on her let`s see what i can give you! here is a pic i made of me with that wonderful new dress i bought in H&M two weeks ago. i am so in love with it!

hope someone likes to read this...

all the best bettina!